10 Exercise Myths that Won’t Die, Debunked by Science

March 29, 2012

"No pain, no gain!" "You’ll never bulk up without supplements." "Crunches are the key to six-pack abs!" It seems there are more questions and half-truths in the market about healthy exercise than there are clear, definitive facts—but the exercise industry is a multi-billion dollar business in the United States alone, built partially on selling gadgets and DVDs with incredible claims to people desperate to lose weight or look attractive.
Meanwhile, good workout plans and simple truths lurk in the background waiting for their time to shine. All of this results in a ton of misinformation about exercise in general, and while the reality is different for everyone, we’re taking some of those commonly held exercise myths to task, and we have science to back us up. Let’s get started.
  • Myth 1: No Pain, No Gain
  • Myth 2: Soreness After Exercise is Caused by Lactic Acid Building Up in Your Muscles
  • Myth 3: Exercise Takes Long Hours/Is Worthless If I Can’t Exercise Regularly
  • Myth 4: You Need a Sports Drink When Exercising to Replenish Your Body’s Electrolytes/Minerals/Etc
  • Myth 5: Stretching Before Exercise Will Prevent Injury
  • Myth 6: Working Out Will Only Build Muscle, Not Help Me Lose Weight
  • Myth 7: Exercise Will Help Me Lose Weight Quickly
  • Myth 8: You Need to Take Supplements to Build Muscle
  • Myth 9: If You Don’t Exercise When You’re Young, It’s Dangerous When You Get Older
  • Myth 10: Working Out at Home/Working Out at the Gym is Better than Working Out at Home/Working Out at the Gym

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