5 Best Upper Body Kettlebell Exercises

November 1, 2010

Here are the five best upper body kettlebell exercises that you can do with only KBs.

The first exercise is the Clean Press. In this exercise you are going to work your shoulders a lot, your chest when you press overhead, as well as your triceps. By doing this one arm exercise you will be less likely to develop imbalances when you train.

The second upper body KB exercise is a rowing exercise. In this one-armed row, a greater emphasis will be placed on minimizing the rotation and using your abs a lot more to help achieve this. You will be loaded on one side, so your abs will have to work extra hard to prevent any excessive rotation in his torso.

Another exercise that really works the upper back and the shoulders is the kettlebell snatches. This is an explosive total body exercise and in fact, you will find that all the KB exercises work your entire body.

The next kettlebell exercise is the overhead press. So you will clean the KB up to your shoulder, keeping your arm nice and tight so as to not overexpose your shoulder and then press the KB up nice and high, and then back down to your shoulder and repeat. As you are completing this exercise you want to keep your body as tight as you possibly can, using your abs. So, try not to rotate or bend.

The last exercise is the floor press. This will be as close as you get to doing a regular chest exercise when you’re working out exclusively with kettlebells. So, you are lying down on the ground and pressing one arm up at a time. And because you will be lying down on the ground, you are removing your legs from the exercise, requiring a lot more power to come from your upper body. You’ll find that you get quite a bit of front delt, chest, tricep, and ab work in this exercise.

There you have the five best upper body kettlebell exercises that each give you maximum total body benefit from a single exercise

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