Ab machines will not makes u thin

May 4, 2010

Have you ever wondered why you always get a diet program with any new ab machine you just purchased which they insist that you use?

The reason is simple.

They know that by doing just a few minutes of ab exercises each day, you are never going to make much of a difference to your amount of body fat or to the size of your stomach. These machines do work though and can give you those rock-hard abs, but you won’t be able to see them if they are covered by layers of ugly fat.

These machines are made to strengthen and tone your ab muscles. After using them for a few weeks without seeing any results, they will usually just end up gathering dust in the garage somewhere until the next greatest ab machine gets released and you think to yourself that “This might be the one”.

Some of these exercise devices are so questionable that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) launched “Project ABSurd” against the makers of the AB Energizer, Abtronic, and Fast Abs in 2002.

According to FTC Chairman Timothy Muris, “These electronic abs gadgets don’t do a thing to turn a bulging beer belly into a sleek six pack stomach.” The government then sued these three different manufacturers of these machines for false advertising.

If you are already slim and have slightly visible abdominal muscles, then these exercise devices are great to make them look more defined. That is why the attractive models on the commercials have such sexy waistlines.

They did not get their sexy figures by using the advertised machine. They would have followed a healthy, balanced diet along with many hours in the gym.

They also probably never even laid their eyes on the machine they were promoting until the day of the photo or infomercial shoot and have timed their training and diets in order to be in absolute peak physical condition for that one day.

The other type of ab exerciser is known as an Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS), that delivers an electric charge to make your muscles contract.

John Porcari, a professor of exercise and sports science at the University of Wisconsin, tested an EMS device similar to those on the market in a study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise. After eight weeks of using the device only, participants had no significant increases in muscle size or strength.

The bottom line is this:
A few minutes of ab exercises daily will not burn away the fat from your belly. You need to remember that by doing only ab exercises, you will not accomplish much when it comes to reducing your weight. Also, a study conducted and released by the American Council on Exercise also confirmed this.

The study stated that these machines did not out-perform the standard crunch exercise, which means most of these ab machines are a total waste of money.

If you are overweight and want to have a well-defined and sexy stomach, you will need to add other exercises to your regime such as weight training and maybe some cardio exercise too such as bike riding, rowing and aerobics.

You are also going to have to take notice of what you eat as your diet is probably the most important part of any successful weight loss program.

You can begin this fantastic new diet right here:



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