What is Supertraining?

Supertraining is a Yahoo Group founded by the late Dr. Mel Siff.

Supertraining is devoted to sports, strength and fitness science, training, therapy and education.

Supertraining discusses the theory and practice of sports science, biomechanics, physiology, medicine and psychology in sport, fitness and general health.

Supertraining is committed to create a supportive community of seekers after truth in all aspects of human performance to enable members to enhance quality of life and performance in as many ways as possible.

Details of the Supertraining Book can be obtained by contacting lislann@aol.com

The Supertraining Yahoo Group can be found at here.

After a career change, I created Supertraining Blog . com as a research for my ongoing studies in personal training and fitness training. My favorite exercises are weight training and aerobics, but my ongoing research will allow me to try new things.

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