Are all of the Wu-Tea ads a Scam? Does Tea Really Help Fat Loss?

September 28, 2010

I’m sure you’ve seen tons of really clever ads all over the internet for all of these “Wu-tea” products claiming to be the miracle cure to fat loss.

I must admit, there’s some savvy marketing behind these sites… they even claim things like “as seen on oprah” and try to claim all sorts of celebrity endorsements.

Here’s the deal…

Most of these new tea products on the internet claiming to be a miracle cure for fat loss are nothing but plain old oolong tea. Some brands may have other teas mixed in too, but most I’ve seen are just oolong tea.

The “Wu” in their names is just their clever way of making you think this is some new secret tea discovery.

Basically they just sell you oolong tea for outrageous prices, when you can go to your local grocery store or health food store and get a whole box of oolong tea for about $2 bucks.

But beyond the outrageously marked up price, does oolong tea actually help with fat loss?

Well, the answer is… slightly.
However, let’s get real… whether you drink tea or not isn’t one of those major factors in how fast you’re going to burn off body fat… it’s just a very minor detail. The real factors are your lifestyle as a whole, your type of exercise program and intensity, the quality of your diet, and your mindset… all of which we focus on regularly in this newsletter and in my Truth about Abs program.

So what I’d recommend is…

Don’t waste your money on the overpriced, overhyped Wu-teas that claim to be a miracle fat loss cure. I do recommend including white, green, black, and oolong teas in your diet for their numerous health benefits, but you can get them MUCH cheaper (sometimes at least 10x cheaper!) at your local grocery store instead.

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