Best Post Workout Meal For Rapid Fat Loss

April 20, 2010

By John Alvino

Post workout nutrition has been a particularly well researched topic in the fitness industry. Most of the studies have shown that ingesting simple carbohydrates with whey protein (in the form of a shake) assist in muscle building, recovery and in body transformation in general.

In fact, these studies have been so convincing that you’ll be hard pressed to find a fitness expert who doesn’t strongly advocate that all trainees drink this type of post workout shake instantaneously after every workout. Let’s step away from the trend for a second and investigate whether or not this is the best protocol for everyone to follow.

I agree that post workout nutrition is very important for the purposes mentioned above. If your goal is primarily muscle building or weight gain, these shakes are a great way to easily consume an abundant amount of calories at a time when your body is least likely to store those calories as body fat.

You see, following an intense workout, your muscles are depleted and are thirsty for replenishment. Therefore most of the calories ingested at this time will be soaked up by the muscles, making less calories available to be stored as fat.

But let’s revisit exactly what our primary goal is: Fat loss! Do you really think that it is a good idea to chug a sugary shake every time you train if your goal is to lose body fat? How can a high-sugar shake really help to enhance your fat burning efforts? The truth is that it doesn’t. In fact, I believe that this practice is counter productive for trainees with a fat loss goal.

I’ve read all of the research and unfortunately, the research has not been performed on subjects whose primary goal is fat loss. Initially, I experimented with these post workout shakes on myself and my fat loss clients. Undoubtedly, fat loss results slowed significantly when we used these shakes. I’ve got tons of real world results to prove my assertion that in order to maximize fat burning; you need to lose those high-carb post workout shakes!

So you’re probably asking, “What should my post workout meal consist of?” The answer is simple. Just eat a solid meal! This meal will be structured just like any of your 5-6 daily meals. Be sure to consume this meal within one hour following your workout.

Remember, you will always get leaner with natural, solid food. So if losing body fat is your goal, save your money on those expensive commercial post workout shakes. Eat a good meal and watch that unwanted fat melt right off your body.

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