Bodyweight Workout With Vince In LA

April 27, 2009

This past year, Ive been traveling a lot sometimes I live in a hotel two weeks of every month.

Recently I attended a live motivational event and was asked by the host to provide workouts in the morning at a live motivational event without any fancy equipment. Of course I agreed.

The only problem was that we had to rely on our bodyweight. We had no machines, medicine balls, bands, kettlebells, no nothing all we had was some open space by the pool.

After each workout, the speaker would brag about how amazing each workout was and on the 2nd day 4 people showed up for the hotel body weight workout, then 7 people, then 16 people and on the last day of the event, 39 people showed up to get leaner, faster and harder using the MOST POWERFUL body weight workout I know check out what a few survivors had to say afterwords.

Here is the video from Youtube.

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