Bodyweight Workouts with TT Europe Workout A

January 17, 2011

Here in Paris, we are filming workout A of the TT Europe Vacation program and we are going to start the first superset with a pairing of a hard single leg exercise the Bulgarian split squat with a hard pushup exercise the decline pushup.

For the Bulgarian split squat, do all repetitions for one leg, and then switch over to the other leg, repeating for up to 20 repetitions per side. If you are using dumbbells, then just do 8 repetitions and increase the weight. For beginners, you can start with a regular split squat.

Immediately moving into the decline pushups, place your feet on a bench and your hands on the ground and perform 20-25 repetitions. For beginners, start with kneeling pushups or regular pushups.

After all the repetitions are completed for the pushups, then rest 1 minute and repeat the superset 2 more times for a total of 3 supersets.

In superset #2 from workout A, you can either do step ups or box jumps, paired with spiderman pushups or whichever pushup you can do with a close-grip.

The box steps are new to the program, so if you are a beginner, then just start out with the step ups. A box jump simply means you are jumping up onto a level, and it’s actually easier on your legs because you aren’t going to be coming all the way down so there isn’t as much force when you land.

For the spiderman pushups, start in a pushup position, go down and bring your knee up to your elbow, and then bring it back out, alternating sides. For the close-grip pushup, tuck your elbows into your sides and perform a pushup.

Now on to the third superset of workout A where you will start with a single leg deadlift and pair that with a pulling exercise (pull ups, chin ups, bodyweight rows, DB rows) for the upper back.

For the deadlift, do all repetitions for one side and then switch over to the other side.

Once you’ve completed the strength training portion of Workout A, move into the interval training portion of the workout.

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