Fitness after 40

August 25, 2009

The age of 40 was once thought the beginning of the end. The end of youth. Not so. Age is a state mind, it’s chronological. Wayne Dyer, Psychologist says “do not let age infiltrate your mind, because then it will destroy your body” You are as young as you feel, or you are as old as you feel. It’s just a number. Always remember it’s only chronological and should not adversaly affect the quality of your life.

A university did Biological testing on 40 year old athletes (working out up to 2 hours per day 5 days per week). The result put 85% of them in a biological 25 year old state of health. That means their bones, tissue organs and body metabolism was that of a 25 year old. You don’t have to work out that hard to get good results.

After 40 your Body and Mind usually go through a cultural metamorphosis. This suggests that we buy into the old thinking of: I can’t help it, I’m getting old!

We tend to slow down and lose energy. Here are some of the changes that can happen if we buy into the old thinking.

A. Bone loss increases – upper back and hips

B. Muscle deteriorates from lack of use, metabolism slows down

C. Free radical acids increase in the body, they destroy the good cells

D. Cancer begins to develop at a faster rate

Change Your Thinking

Think positive healing thoughts. Affirm positive statements about yourself and those around you. Smile more, speak and move with infectious energy and enthusiasm.

1. Eat a High Quality diet
a. 20-30 grams of fiber daily

b. 6 fresh fruits and vegetables per day

c. 2 quarts of filtered water daily. You need even more if you exercise

d. Reduce fat, sugar and salt in your diet

2. Reduce Your Stress
Invest In Yourself and watch your productivity increase.

a. Relax more – Practice Deep breathing throughout the day. Take a brisk 5 minute walk

b. Find a Quiet space and quiet time to meditate 10 minutes daily (no distractions)

c. Take up a practice or try a class or buy a video of Tai Chi – Yoga – Martial arts- stretching

3. Exercise 4-5 times per week (forever!)
a. Aerobic Activity- walk, jog, cycle, take a fitness class – In The Zone – Heart Rate – Train at 60% -70% of Maximum

b. Strength Training with weights 2- 4 times per week – every muscle group

c. Stretching before and after exercise. Also stretch your low back before you get out of bed. Stretching will help prevent injuries, improve joint health and help you relax


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