Free Kettlebell Workout

March 28, 2011

I’m Chris Lopez, certified Turbulence Trainer from

After a bodyweight warm-up, we’ll start with some front squats. Hold the kettlebell tight to your body, drive your hips back while keeping your abs braced and get down low on your squat so that your upper legs break parallel.

The next exercise you will do is around the world. Keep your back straight, your abs and glutes tight and pass the bell from one arm to the other, resisting rotation. It is very important to keep your abs braced and glutes tight because what you are trying to do is pass the bell around without rotating. Keeping your abs braced is key for this exercise. Do this in both directions.

Next you will move into 2-handed swings. Keep your back straight and abs braced. Only use your hips to drive back. Your arms are just along for the ride. Don’t try to lift the kettlebell with your shoulders. This is the proper way to perform 2-handed kettlebell swings.

Next up are overhead reverse lunges. Keep your abs braced. This is a great upper and full body exercise.

Last exercise is a 1-arm swing, doing 5 on each side and alternate this for a total of 15 on each side.

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