Gain Muscle & Lose Fat with TT Medicine Ball Workout 2

August 23, 2010

This particular Medicine Ball workout will focus more on strength by taking a number of exercises and pairing them together in superset fashion.

To start, you’ll begin with a series of lateral lunges and a diagonal chop and combine it with a unique pressing exercise.

For the lunges, bring the medicine ball up over your left shoulder, take a lateral lunge out, and chop down with the ball to your opposite foot, making sure to get nice and low. Do all repetitions for one side and then switch to the other side.

Immediately following all your repetitions for the diagonal lunges, get into the bottom squat position, and with the ball in one hand, press it up overhead. This exercise is similar to the stick-up exercise in that your arm isn’t going to have as much mobility as you want. Perform all repetitions for one side and then arms.

Once you’ve finished all the repetitions, take one minute to rest and then repeat the superset two more times.

Next, you will perform the one-legged squat. Place the medicine ball out in front of you, bringing one foot out as well. Now, squat down on one leg and then back up. Do all repetitions for one leg and then switch legs.

Immediately following the one-legged squat, you will then move into the elevated push up exercise. So, get into a push up position, but now, place one hand on the ball, and then perform a regular push up. Once you have done all repetitions for one arm, switch the ball to the other arm and repeat.

The next superset pairs one-leg hip extension with the McGill crunch.

For the one leg hip extension, you will lie flat on the ground with one foot on the ball and your other leg straight up in the air. Next, use your foot on the ball to bridge your body up. During this exercise you will find that your hamstring and glute of the leg that’s on the ball will be doing all of the work. Perform all repetitions for one side and then switch to the other side and repeat.

After you’ve completed all repetitions for the hip extension lay flat on the ground, bending one knee while bringing the medicine ball in outstretched arms, above your head. This isn’t a big movement as you’ll raise your shoulders just so that they come up off the ground, and then back down again. Try to really focus on squeezing your abs on the way up. Perform all repetitions for one side and then switch legs and repeat. Now, if you want to make this exercise even more difficult, then simply hold the top position for up to five seconds.

The last superset is optional, depending if you have equipment and a place to throw the ball into the ground.

First, you are going to take the medicine ball and using a strong throw, throw a chest pass into the ground. Be sure to bend the knees slightly and drive down.

Next, move immediately into inverted rows. So, set the bar at hip height, place your feet on the medicine ball and take an overhanded grip. Next, row your chest up to the bar and be sure to squeeze your shoulder blades.

To finish off the workout, you will perform a series of Burpees while using the medicine ball. So, do 10 burpees, rest for 30 seconds and then repeat three to six times. So to start, bring the ball overhead, then go down (place the ball on the ground), kick your legs out, do a push up, bring your legs back in (pick the ball up), and jump in the air, raising the ball overhead, repeat.

That’s it for the Medicine Ball workout.

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