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April 7, 2009

If you are stuck in a rut concerning your workouts and eating program, you may need some motivation and inspiration. That’s right, true, life long health and healing comes from Inspiration, not just motivation. Motivation alone is not enough. Motivation is short lived, just like most diets. If you need inspiration and more motivation, or know someone who does, keep reading. You can share this information with them later.

“People who allow themselves to get stuck in a rut usually don’t realize that a rut is little more than a grave with both ends knocked out”
– Earl Nightengale

Motivation is a misused term. I must receive a thousand emails a month asking me about motivation. Motivation gets it meaning from the root word motive. What is your motive for wanting to get in shape? You may want to lose weight for some occasion or someone else other than yourself.

If your motive is outside of your core self, then it is temporary and won’t last.

When your spirit is awakened you will get inspired about working towards a healthy lifestyle that will include vigorous exercise, good nutrition, healthy rest and peace of mind? An awakened is the beginnings of an unlimited supply of inspiration. Inspiration is what wakes up an olympic athlete and drives them to train regardless of weather conditions, feelings or friends begging them to skip their workout and go to the movies instead. Inspiration is one of the forces behind achieving long term goals.

INSPIRATION: InSpirit – Creation

Inspiration comes from the root word “in spirit”. The spirit that resides in your heart occupying your heart center. What is your heart center like at this time in your life? What are you feeding it? What kind of messages and emotions are you letting in or better yet, what kind of messages are you creating in your Heart Center? I do not know where your heart center is at this time, regardless of the current state of your heart, it will respond to the universal consciousness of love and peace.

A person operating from a spiritual place, is found to have a high level of success in all areas of their life. They are content exercising their bodies, and they feed their bodies the right fuel.

How do you know if you are designing your life from a spiritual place? Dr. Wayne Dyer has these thoughts about how a spiritual person operates.

“You are a spiritual being having a human existence”
– Psychologist, Author Dr. Wayne Dyer

Description of a Spiritual and Non Spiritual Person

From Dr. Wayne Dyer, Professor , Phd in Psychology
Author of: Being a No limit Person, Real Magic, and Manifesting Your Dreams

-The non-spiritual being is motivated by achievement, performance and acquisitions.
-The spiritual being is motivated by ethics, serenity and quality of life.

-For the non-spiritual person, the focus is on learning for the purpose of high grades, getting ahead, and acquiring possessions. The purpose of athletics is competition. Success is measured in external labels such as position, rank, bank accounts, and awards. These are all very much a part of our culture, and certainly not objects to be scorned, they simply are not the focus of the spiritual being’s life.

-For the spiritual being, success is achieved by aligning oneself with one’s purpose, which is not measured by performance or acquisitions. The spiritual being knows that these external things flow into one’s life in sufficient amounts and that they arrive as a result of living purposefully. The spiritual being knows that living purposefully involves serving in a loving fashion. Mother Teresa, who spent many years of her life caring for the most downtrodden people in the slums of Calcutta, defined purpose this way in “For the Love of God:”

Healing Your Spirit

Love is the operating Principle in your Heart and Spirit

Forgiveness and Gratitude are essential for healing your spirit. If you want to move to a higher plane of health, healing, living, loving and ultimately high levels of peace and success, you must forgive those things in your past that you cannot change. Resentment and blame are responsible for unconsciously inhibiting personal and professional growth. Recognizing your current attributes, gifts, strengths and blessings is crucial step in developing a future filled with joy and peace. Acknowledge that you are a blessed person who has been in training since birth for the fulfillment of your purpose.

Forgive yourself for every diet where you have lost weight only to gain it back plus ten more pounds. Forgive yourself that you don’t fit into your wedding gown or tuxedo. Forgive yourself for sneaking that treat yesterday. Let it all go. Start fresh. Begin again. Look inside and then plan ahead. You begin again by taking action and putting your pen to the paper and affirming the positive things in your life. Here’s a method I teach in my seminars that will help you begin again. Write your answers in your journal, notebook, daytimer, on sticky pads and post around your home, office, car, etc. Written affirmations work on you!

Have an awesome week!

About the Author:

Victoria Johnson is the nation’s premier Health & Fitness and Wealth & Spirit “activist.” Victoria is the owner and president of Victoria Johnson Intl., a personal training, consulting, marketing and management company. She is not only a fitness guru, she’s a born and bred entrepreneur. She believes everyone should be healthy and prosperous. She has produced and starred in over 24 award-winning exercise and dance fitness DVD’s and videos, produced and starred in her own television show entitled “Victoria’s Body Shoppe” and most recently authored her third book, Body Revival, Lose Weight, Feel Great and Pump Up Your Faith! 

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