How do I find Time to Exercise

September 15, 2009

I hear it every day from my Personal Training clients… “I don’t have time to exercise, I’m to busy” I tell them the same things I’ll tell you. We are all give the same amount of time in each day, 24 hours no more and no less. It is not more time that you need to fit exercise into your schedule it is better use of the time that you have.

Hear are five ways of “finding” more time to exercise:

1. Turn off the Television – The average American watches 10 hours of Television per week. Use this time more effectively and if your can’t turn off the tube at least work out while you watch.

2. Hang up the Telephone – Studies show that the average American spends 3 hours per week talking on the telephone outside of work. Instead of talking to your friends on the phone get together and walk while you talk.

3. Get Organized – A good organizational system can free up between 1 to 10 hours each week. Keep your workout gear handy and schedule workout time just like other meetings and events.

4. Set your alarm 30 min. earlier – Don’t be afraid to get up a little earlier and get your workout in first thing in the morning. The increased oxygen will revive you in the morning and give you a jump start on your day.

5. After work or during lunch hour – Trade your briefcase for a gym bag as you leave the office and head straight for the gym. Your workout is a great stress reliever and can be completed in 30 min. leaving you time for a light lunch or dinner.

Remember, by not taking the time to workout now you don’t just waste time, you waste the quality of your life. “If you invest the time now into your health, you won’t have to make time to be sick later.”

About The Author:

Victoria Johnson is the nation’s premier Health & Fitness and Wealth & Spirit “activist.” Victoria is the owner and president of Victoria Johnson Intl., a personal training, consulting, marketing and management company. She is not only a fitness guru, she’s a born and bred entrepreneur. She believes everyone should be healthy and prosperous. She has produced and starred in over 24 award-winning exercise and dance fitness DVD’s and videos, produced and starred in her own television show entitled “Victoria’s Body Shoppe” and most recently authored her third book, Body Revival, Lose Weight, Feel Great and Pump Up Your Faith! 


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