How To Get Rid Of Love Handles Fast

January 19, 2010

By John Alvino

I never understood why the unsightly body fat that sits on the sides of your waist is called “love handles”. It seems like a very affectionate name for something that is despised by all who are “blessed” to have them!

During my long career as a fitness professional, I have had thousands of desperate people contact me, hoping to learn the secret of how to get rid of love handles fast and forever. For most of these people, contacting me seemed to be a last resort after failing to lose their love handles with traditional methods.

The typical recommendation for losing love handles is simple: eat less, do more cardio and perform high repetitions of oblique exercises, which include various side-bending and rotational movements.

This protocol may seem like a logical program to follow, but unfortunately it yields little or (in most cases) no results. Let’s investigate why this “expert approved” approach is so startlingly ineffective.

The protocol listed above is basically just a typical weight loss regimen. Eating less and doing more cardio will lead to weight loss, but will not necessarily lead to fat loss. You see, most weight loss protocols cause you to lose a fair amount of lean muscle and water, and just a small amount of actual body fat.

Additionally, working the sides of your waist directly will not burn the fat that lies on top of the muscle. The human body simply doesn’t work that way! And even worse, many of these ill-advised abdominal exercises actually cause the oblique muscles to build up. This leads to an even wider waist, which is the exact opposite effect that we are looking for.

What we need is a protocol that encourages the building (or maintaining) of lean muscle while simultaneously burning fat at a maximal rate. This is the only way to lose stubborn body fat permanently and believe me, love handle fat is perhaps the most stubborn fat of all!
So what is the most effective program? Based on years of trial and error, I have developed a plan that works extremely well. Here it is:

Perform intense sprint training- Sprinting is the best cardio activity to burn body fat, ignite your metabolism and simultaneously work your waist.

Engage in a properly designed resistance training program- Resistance training is of the greatest importance in any fat loss protocol. But be very careful not to use a “high rep” approach exclusively. This is very popular among some well known fat loss experts, but is the kiss of death for anyone who truly wants permanent fat loss results.

Using high reps exclusively can actually cause you to lose lean muscle during a fat loss phase. This will have a negative impact on your metabolism, thus making it that much harder for you to continue to lose fat at an acceptable rate.

A resistance training program is crucial to fat loss, but it must be designed very shrewdly. A specific balance between higher rep exercises and lower rep exercises must be utilized if optimal results are to be seen.

Vary your calories- In order to lose body fat; you must create a caloric deficit. If you decrease your calories for an extended period of time, your metabolism will slow down. This metabolic slowdown is unavoidable under these circumstances.

To prevent this negative effect, you must not stay in a caloric deficit for longer than 5 consecutive days. So I suggest that you decrease your calories for 3-5 days and then “eat up” for one or two days to replenish your glycogen stores and give your metabolic rate a much needed boost.
You will notice that each component of this program has a metabolism-boosting effect. This is absolutely critical for losing stubborn body fat and keeping it off for good.

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