How To Lose Fat Fast And Keep It Off

April 27, 2010

By John Alvino

Rapid and permanent fat loss is almost entirely dependent on your metabolic rate. Your metabolic rate is what determines how many calories you burn in a given day. The biggest factor that influences your metabolism is the amount of lean muscle you have on your body.

Based on this fact, it is imperative to build, or at the very least maintain, your lean muscle during a fat loss phase. Every pound of muscle you build requires between 35 to 50 calories per day to maintain itself. These additional calories are burned over the course of the entire day, even when you are at complete rest.

So just by building one pound of lean muscle, you will burn an additional 12,775 to 18,250 calories per year, while at rest! So if you can add 4 pounds of lean muscle, it will encourage your body to burn an additional 51,100 to 73,000 calories per year, which equates to a loss of 15-21 pounds of body fat. Once you factor in the additional calories being burned during your training sessions, you can see that your fat loss results can be quite dramatic.

So it is clear that we should perform activities that encourage muscle building/maintenance while we avoid doing anything that leads to muscle loss.

The best way to build and maintain muscle is to perform resistance training. With a well designed resistance training program, you can burn calories during your workout; but even more importantly, you will ignite your metabolism to burn calories 24 hours per day, even during sleep!

Here is how to perform your resistance training to cause a positive metabolic effect:
You will be performing 3 full body workouts per week. These workouts should be performed on non consecutive days, such as Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Alternately, you could opt for a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule. Spacing the workouts out in this manner allow for optimal recovery between training sessions.

In addition to that, spacing out your workouts every 48 hours ensures that your metabolism will stay elevated all of the time. I have witnessed this for years and finally, scientific studies are actually confirming my findings.

Recent research has shown that after performing a properly designed full body workout, people’s metabolism stays elevated for approximately 40 hours. So just when your metabolism starts to come back down to normal, you are ready to rev it up again with another training session.

In my experience, full body training in a multiple station design is the best way to “put a match to” your metabolic rate.

I have many ways of designing full body workouts. Let me show you one that is very simple and particularly effective. Pick 2 exercises for the upper body, 2 exercises for the lower body and 2 direct abdominal exercises.

Without resting in between sets, perform a circuit of all 6 exercises in this order: Upper, lower, ab, upper, lower, ab. At this point take a 90 second rest and repeat this entire sequence twice more.

Here is an example circuit:
1a) Inverted Rows x 1 Train hard and watch that fat melt right off your body. Good luck!

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