Kettlebell Dumbell Bodyweight Exercises

February 14, 2011

This video is from my kettlebell, dumbbell, bodyweight workout program. For the supersets, do not rest between exercises and rest one minute after the superset before repeating again.

Workout 1
Superset #1 Pistol Squats/Single Leg Squats & DB Incline Chest Press

KB/DB Pistol squats for advanced users 6 reps per side. If you need a break between reps, then take it.

Do this superset for a total of 3 times.

Superset #2 KB/DB 1-Legged Romanian deadlift & KB/DB Row

Hold the KB in front of you, push your hip down and bring one leg out behind you as you drop down. Keep your back flat. The KB really helps to keep your balance as gravity pulls you straight down.

Repeat this superset 3 times.

Superset #3 DB Squat & Decline Pushups

Perform high repetitions for both exercises.

Finish up with interval training.

Workout 2

Superset #1 KB/DB 1-Arm Swings & Spiderman Pushup

For the Swings you want to swing the KB or DB through your legs and then really explode through your hips to bring the weight up to your shoulders. Do all reps with one arm, then switch to the other side.

The Spiderman pushups you’ll do 10 reps per side, alternating sides.

Superset #2 – 1-Armed 1-Legged KB Press & Waiter’s Bow

As you perform the press exercise with either a KB or DB, try to keep one foot off the ground as much as possible.

Perform the Waiter’s Bow for 15 repetitions.

Superset #3 1-Armed KB Squat and Press & X-Body Mountain Climber

Again this can be used with either a KB or DB. Perform all reps for one side and then switch to the other side.

With the Mountain climbers, you will bring your knee to the opposite elbow, alternating sides for 10 reps per side.

Repeat this superset for a total of 2 times.

Triset Turkish Getup, Pushup Hold & Side Bridge

For the Turkish getup, you’ll do 5 reps per arm.

With the Pushup hold, you will hold the top position of the pushup for 15 seconds, then go down and hold the bottom position for 5 seconds. Up, down, then up one last time.

Immediately move into the Side bridge for 20-30 per side.

Repeat the triset 2 more times for a total of 3 trisets.

Now finish off the workout with high intensity cardio training.

Workout 3

Superset #1 DB Split Squats & Block Pushup

Use a closed stance for the split squats and drop straight down. This will work your quadriceps muscles a bit more. Repeat for 8 reps per side.

Block pushups simply allow you to drop a little bit lower. So place your hands on an elevated service, two dumbbells perhaps, and perform a regular pushup for 15 repetitions.

Repeat superset for a total of 3 times.

Superset #2 DB Chest Press & 1-Legged Deadlift

Perform this superset 3 times

Superset #3 Deep Step-up & T-pushup

Starting in a regular step-up stance, drop your hips down and then drive up. By dropping your hip down you effectively remove the momentum from the exercise, so you are using your hamstrings and glutes more.

For the T-pushups, alternate sides, performing 10 reps per side.

Superset #4 Dumbbell Rear Delt Raise & Single Leg Calf Raise

For the Calf raise, if you have a DB, then you can hold it down by your side, repeating for 10 repetitions per side.

Complete this superset 2 times in total

Superset #5 Dumbbell Bicep Curls & Elevated Pushups

With the Pushups, you will perform 10 per side.

No interval training for Workout #3

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