Loss Weight with The Replacement diet

August 24, 2010

So you have just made a decision that it’s time to lose some weight. The only problem is, your completely confused about where to start and just how to approach a better eating plan that will work with your daily schedule.

One of the biggest keys to losing weight successfully is eating a little less calories each day that your body normally requires. This approach may seem slow to begin with, but the results will be long lasting because it is easy to make the small changes a habit.

One of the biggest problems with most diet plans available is the large amount of change required. Some of the more popular plans out there require drastic changes to the way you eat daily.

This will not only create confusion, but it can be quite tiring with all the calorie counting or by denying yourself the foods you love. Usually quite soon, you drop the diet plan and your weight loss stops and starts to reverse itself into weight gain.

One way to start a new weight loss plan is to begin using the “replacement diet”. This diet takes many of the foods you currently eat and replaces them with foods that are comparable, yet healthier for you.

This will enable you to start losing weight without many of the struggles of changing to an entirely new lifestyle. Some of these key replacements include:

Soda Drinks – The average soda drink contains about 150 calories. Changing over to a calorie-free soda can add up to a difference in calories of about 1050 per week if you consumed one can per day. These numbers are larger for bigger bottles.

Breads – Try substituting your regular traditional style bread that contains around 70 to 75 calories a slice with lower carb tortillas or wraps. These types of bread usually have as little as 50 calories each.

This can be a difference of around 100 calories for a sandwich and also the fiber content of these breads are higher that will allow you to feel more full for longer.

Vegetables – Not all vegetables contain low calories. Carrots, corn and green beans especially, tend to have higher amounts of calories from their natural sugar content than other green vegetables. Switching to lower calorie green vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli can drop your calories a little more.

Eggs – Try leaving the yolk of an egg in the shell. The yolk contains by far the most calories of the entire egg. On the other hand, the egg whites contain only around 15 calories per egg. Try putting two egg whites in a low carb wrap and you have yourself a perfect snack that contains only 75 calories.

If you spend some time on it, you can find many places in your diet that can be modified slightly to lower the overall calorie count without sacrificing too much taste.

By approaching your diet from this viewpoint you can still eat all of the foods that you like, just in a slightly different way that makes weight loss that little bit easier. The more manageable you make your diet, the more able you are to stay on it for the long-term.

You can begin this fantastic new diet right here:



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