Meal Flipping For WeightLoss

August 10, 2010

In today’s society, there are three main meals that almost all families enjoy. They include breakfast, lunch and dinner. For most people living in the US, these meals are generally set in stone.

Usually, breakfast is fairly small and light, then lunch, which is mid sized and then there’s dinner, the largest of the three meals. What most people don’t realize is that this way of eating is not the best for anyone trying to lose excess body weight.

When we wake up to begin the day, we are in negative calorie territory. There has been many hours of fasting which is why our first meal is called breakfast (break fast).

It is also the meal that has the longest amount of active hours to be used as fuel rather than for fat storage on the body but it is also, unfortunately, the smallest meal for most people with busy lifestyles. Dinner is usually the largest because we have more time to sit down and actually enjoy the meal.

On the downside, our dinners are the meals that end up requiring the most physical activity to burn off, but is placed towards the end of each day when our bodies are least active. So in order to lose more weight, we need to flip this meal programming and eat more sensibly.

To flip your meals, you will need to begin to prepare and eat the largest meal at the start of the day for breakfast. This meal should contain the most calories. As an example, let’s say your on a diet that consists of consuming 1500 calories each day.

Your morning meal can account for around 600 of the total calories. The remaining 900 calories can be used for the remaining two meals and snacking.

For lunch, your meal would be medium sized and could contain around 400 calories. It is the last meal of the day where the big difference occurs.

At dinner time, you should consume a meal of only around 300 calories. This would usually be the same amount of calories in a standard fast breakfast. So as you can see, the day has been completely flipped.

We now eat the amount of calories for breakfast that we used to eat for dinner and vice-versa. The remaining 200 calories can be used for snacking 3 times throughout the day.

This method of losing weight is very effective because your calorie requirement is split up into 6 different meals. The largest meal you eat also has the longest time to get used up as energy and the smallest ends up requiring the least activity to burn.

There have been no overall changes in the food intake, simply a reversal of breakfast and dinner.

The real change in your life that will lead to prolonged weight loss and management will require a change in your thoughts rather than a change to the foods you eat.

By eating as many as 6 meals daily and eating the largest amount of calories at the first meal, your body will work much more efficiently to burn off all those calories eaten.

You can begin this fantastic new diet right here:


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