Secret List of Fitness Training and Instructor Jobs Online

September 24, 2009

With the economy the way it is, homes for sale and people struggling to make credit card payments, I thought it would be beneficial to the readers to provide some of the not-so-well-known places to look for a job online.

I’m not talking about Monster or Craigslist.  I’m not talking about the want ads.  Everyone knows to look at those sites.

Of course, one I hit publish, this list won’t be secret anymore, and you’ll be competing with everyone else.

But if i can help one person find a job, and help their financial situation, then I have done MY job.

Here are the top 3, in no particular order. was founded in 1998 by Alan Cohen, a 30 year veteran of the health and fitness industry. Alan was an Executive Recruiter for the industry at the time, when he saw the infamous Super Bowl ad. He immediately researched and their business model, and went online and purchased the domain name – and over 50 other health, fitness, recreation and leisure industry related domain names. is a simple, classic, and straightforward Job Search and Recruitment Tool that was created to help fill a void in the Health and Fitness Industry. Finding a good place to search and recruit for jobs in Health and Fitness either on the internet, or in print, is a challenging and self-limiting task. There are not that many places to go. was co-founded and developed by a health professional to enhance the career opportunities for professionals in the fields of fitness, exercise and health.


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