Stay in the race

March 24, 2009

Well, the year is almost half over, how are you doing? How are things going? Are you meeting your timelines to ensure reaching your goals on target? How about your attitude? Do you feel good about what you have accomplished to date? Have you had some challenges, run into roadblocks, or down right hit a brick wall you can’t seem to get past.

I’m here to tell you that persistence is the key. Keep going, keep working, keep moving forward. Take it one step at a time, treat obstacles like hurdles, conquer them one at a time.

You can’t win a race by jumping over all the hurdles at once. You start by taking a few steps, jump over the first hurdle, gain momentum and jump over the next hurdle, or as my daughter did last week in her track meet, just walk around it.

I am so proud of her. She was determined to win her event, the 300 high hurdles last week at her district track meet. She is an incredible athlete. She is the youngest member of her varsity track squad. She knew she had an important meet coming up, she wanted to win because this would help her get her first “athletic letter”

Ever day after school she practiced hard. She stretched, rehearsed, psyched herself up using positive affirmations and visualizations. Race day came and she knew she was ready.

The meet announcer called out her name for the 300 high hurdle line up, lane three. She kneeled down into her starting position, eyes focused, heart racing, confident and anxious. The gun went off and she flew out of the blocks, five graceful strides and over the hurldle she glided, perfect landing, five more steps and over the hurdle she glided again. She looks confident. Three strides and “oh no” a bug flew into her eye. Instantly her vision was blurred, her strides became choppy, her focus was lost. She lost her rhythm and couldn’t tell where the next hurdle was. Strugling to see while tears streamed down her face from the pain in her eye, she caught a glimpse of the hurdle bud didn’t have enough time to prepare her lead leg so she walked around it. She lost the momentum and came in third instead of the “confident” first she felt when she took her position.

All the preparation in the world couldn’t have prepared her for the “bug in the eye.” When was the last time you felt that way. You know you had prepared, you thought nothing could stop you and, sure enough, something went wrong. Some things are out of your control. You could never predict every potential problem. Look at Bill Gates, he was ready to release his new Windows ‘98 and the federal government decides to get involved. And you thought you had problems. Take a good look around you. Everyone has problems, everyone has challenges. Everyone has situations that are out of their control.

The only control you have is over your thoughts, interpretations, references and reactions. That is our lesson for this month. Work on your interpretation of your situations and you will have less stress, less anxiety and more peace as you work towards your goals and dreams. Take a new approach to problems and say to yourself, “What am I to learn from this?” Every adversity has a lesson in it. Life experience is a humble teacher.

If you haven’t started your weight control program yet, this is the perfect time to start. Check out my Quick Start Program. Here are some of the results:

Linda has dropped 30 pounds in three months, and she has cut her dosages of insulin in half and is working towards being off of it completely.
Melissa has lost 7 pounds of post baby weight in two weeks,
Shay has dropped over 7 pounds in three weeks.
If you already have the program, congratualtions! I just want everyone to have as much energy as my clients and myself. You wake up feeling refreshed and energized. The program is the catalyst for your metabolism getting a quick boost and the beginning of a lifetime of good health, vitality and energy.

Victoria & Paul Wenner, Gardenburger Founder

Keep working toward your goals.

Paul Wenner of gardenburger persevered. Can you imagine him several years ago trying to convince investors that the world was ready for a burger made of plants! He did. He worked, and it worked. And he just had his first big national television push on the final episode of Seinfeld last month!

Good job, Paul. You are an inspiration to all of us with a dream and a vision.

Thomas Alva Edison found over 11,000 ways that a light bulb coud not be built. His persistence and constistent work gave us light. What can you do to shed light onto the world? You are important, you can make a difference, you can reach your goals.

Stay in the race. The journey is what builds character. God Bless.

About the Author:

Victoria Johnson is the nation’s premier Health & Fitness and Wealth & Spirit “activist.” Victoria is the owner and president of Victoria Johnson Intl., a personal training, consulting, marketing and management company. She is not only a fitness guru, she’s a born and bred entrepreneur. She believes everyone should be healthy and prosperous. She has produced and starred in over 24 award-winning exercise and dance fitness DVD’s and videos, produced and starred in her own television show entitled “Victoria’s Body Shoppe” and most recently authored her third book, Body Revival, Lose Weight, Feel Great and Pump Up Your Faith! 

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