The Best Fat Burning AB Workout Video

April 17, 2009

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Are you ready for a butt-kicking, fat burning workout that will give you ripped abs? This is the best fat burning ab workout you can do.

Let’s begin with the first superset which includes the Dumbbell Press Squat exercise and the Pull-up with Knee-up exercise.

For the DB Press Squat, start by holding the DB at shoulder height with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart. Next, squat down, and then drive up, while raising the DB above your head. Do all repetitions for one side,
then switch arms and do the other.

The second exercise in the first superset is the Pull-Up with Knee-Up. For this exercise, begin by taking an overhand grip, and as you pull-up, bring your knees up to your chest, and then slowly lower back down. Although a
difficult exercise to perform, this is a really great one because it’s actually two exercises in one.

If, however, you can’t do the Pull-up with Knee-up exercise, you can easily substitute high repetition dumbbell rows (20 reps per side). By doing a high number of repetitions, your body is fighting against the rotation. Therefore, if you keep proper form and do high reps, your abs will actually
feel it the next day. Just be sure to choose a weight that is very challenging, but still allows you to use proper form.

For the second superset of workout “B” in AAA Abs, you will perform the Front Loaded Bulgarian Split Squat along with an advanced version of the stability ball plank, the Stability Ball Plank Rollout.

To begin, get a dumbbell, kettlebell, or a weight plate and place it across your chest, lift one foot on a bench behind you, drop your hips straight down, keep your torso upright, and come back up. Do all repetitions for one side, and then switch over to the other side and do the same thing.

The second exercise of the superset is the Stability Ball Plank Rollout. To get in position for this exercise, place your elbows on the stability ball so that you’re body is now in a plank position with feet on the ground, and then roll the ball out and then back in. If you are unable to do this
exercise, then you can do a plank with arms on the ball. If that is still too difficult, then just do a regular plank with elbows on the floor.

For the third superset in workout “B” of AAA Abs, you will combine the One- Leg Stability Ball Leg Curl with a unique version of the side plank that includes a Dumbbell Lateral Raise.

So, for the leg curl exercise get on the floor and place one foot on the stability ball and the other straight up in the air. Next, you will curl the ball in and out, while bridging your hips up. Do all reps for one side, and then switch sides. This exercise provides a really powerful contraction for the hamstrings, and you need to work your body as a unit.

Once you’re done the leg curl exercise, you’re going to follow that up with the Side Plank with a DB Lateral Raise. Get into the side bridge position, hold the dumbbell down by your side, and then perform a side lateral raise up to the top and lower back down.

There’s still one more superset to go in workout “B” of AAA Abs. So, for this final superset you are going to combine Burpees and Chin-ups with Jumping Jacks or Running in Place.

For the first exercise of the superset, do a burpee and then immediately follow it with a chin-up. Do that for 10 repetitions and then do the jumping jacks or running in place for either 20 repetitions or 20 seconds. That is one set, so you will perform that 3 times in total.

Here is the video on YouTube

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