Total Body Warmup & Interval Training Workout With No Equipment

December 6, 2010

I’m here at the park where Im going to do my interval training and bodyweight exercises. Today Im going to show you some fun stuff to do without a single piece of equipment. All I’m going to do are some dynamic stretches and bodyweight movements.

First, start with high-knee runs and return with butt kicks. Next move down and back going side to side while squatting. Follow that up with elbow to instep lunges followed by inchworms.

The next exercises you can do are duck-unders and step overs. Both of these are great if your hips are tight. These 2 exercises will really loosen them up.

Next, I want to slowly make my way into some hard sprints with the first 2 being on an intensity level of a 6 out of a 10. After that, you will sprint at a 9 out of a 10 (about 25 seconds). After you are done with your sprints, you will want to do a bodyweight exercise of 20 pushups. Rest about 20 seconds and repeat the sprints. This time you can do prisoner lunges. Rest 20 seconds and sprint again and back down into a plank position. Run a sprint again and back and then move down into a side plank.

I like to mix it up with a side movement down and back. Follow this up with some more pushups or close grip pushups. Any type of agility patterns with some bodyweight exercises will work. No need for any equipment, just lots of fresh air!

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