Walk a Mile to Save a Mind!

October 20, 2009

Walk a Mile to Save a Mind!
Walking is a great low impact exercise, low stress to joints it aids in preventing obesity by increases your metabolism. Reduces your risk of heart disease and some forms of cancer. Burns fat by helping the body mobilize stored fat for energy. Enhances physical endurance, aerobic strength. Tone muscles in the legs, thighs and abdomen Reduces stress Improves sleep patterns stregthens your immune system

Intensity Guidelines:You should be walking fast enough to increase your breathing rate to a moderate level, but not so rapid that you get out of breath. If you feel winded or out of breath, slow down your pace. The goal is to work up to one hour of Power Walking 5 times per week.

Before you begin your walking program
CAUTION: As with any physical activity, consult your healthy physician before starting. If you begin to feel dizzy or short of breath, stop immediately.

1. Select a good pair of shoes. A good walking shoe should bend at a 45 degree angle when you “push off” and have a rounded crash pad to absorb the heel strike. Unlike running shoes, walking shoes feature less cushioning to contribute to greater flexibility.

2. Make sure you warm-up and cool-down for at least five minutes and stretch before and after you walk. Keep your abdominals contracted, your shoulders back but relaxed and swing your arms in opposite directions. Your stride should be rhythmic and controlled. Stretch your calves, quads, back and hamstrings Before and after!

3. Dress comfortably. Explore some of the new sweat absorbing and water resistance gear. Your temperature increases as you move quicker. Try to keep your body well ventilated. Ladies, wear a good support bra with wide straps or a sports bra. If you are heavy, wear supplex for support and revention of vericose veins while you walk.

4. Know your course. Be safe prepared and aware. Be familiar with your surroundings, such as hilly terrain, distance from home, carry a Cell Phone in unfamiliar areas. Drive it in your car so that there are no suprises.

5. Technique. Strike the ground with the heel first then Roll heel to toe. Chest up, abs in, breathing in a cadence rhythm. swing your arms and use your waist line. Don’t carry weights if you’re new to walking. They can create shoulder, elbow and low back injuries. They can throw off your alignment.

How to startWeek 1 : Begin with an easy 15 minute walk, think of in terms of one mailbox at a time.If you do other activities, you may be able to go longer. That’s okay.

Day 1-6 Walk. Day 7 rest.
Make sure you do some ab exercises after your walk to help stabilize your posture and balance your strength. Also do some upper body resistance exercises to strenghten and tone your arms.

Each day add one minute to your walking goal until you reach sixty minutes. Write down your goal and keep track on a calendar. Chart your progress and use it as a form of motivation. Have fun and enjoy the process. Take it one step at a time toward your new found fitness lifestyle. It will benefit your for a lifetime.

About the Author:
Victoria Johnson is the nation’s premier Health & Fitness and Wealth & Spirit “activist.” Victoria is the owner and president of Victoria Johnson Intl., a personal training, consulting, marketing and management company. She is not only a fitness guru, she’s a born and bred entrepreneur. She believes everyone should be healthy and prosperous. She has produced and starred in over 24 award-winning exercise and dance fitness DVD’s and videos, produced and starred in her own television show entitled “Victoria’s Body Shoppe” and most recently authored her third book, Body Revival, Lose Weight, Feel Great and Pump Up Your Faith! 

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